Application Process and Timetable

Intake 2024

The application period for participation in TISE as Erasmus scholarship holders will be open until February 29 2024.

The application period for participation in TISE as Consortium scholarship holders will be open until May 31 2024.

The application period for participation In TISE as a self-funded student will be open to June 30 2024.

After you have entered all your personal data and uploaded your application documents in the TISE application database, i.e. have submitted your application, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail (sent to the e-mail-address you entered into the application database). For technical reasons, this acknowledgement of receipt may take some time.

Your application is then checked for eligibility. You will receive a notification via application platform:

  • either your application is declared eligible, or
  • your application will be rejected due to formal reasons, if you do not meet our admission requirements or if the application documents are incomplete or do not comply with the formal requirements. 

Eligible applications will be reviewed ongoing and as soon as possible by members of the TISE Consortium, according to our assessment criteria. Based on this review, the TISE Admission Board will select applicants for participation and inform all candidates.

Successful candidates will be offered a study place and will be asked to submit further documents necessary for their admission. Please note that being selected does in no way guarantee admission to the program, as for the admission process, the timely submission of further (paper) documents is needed. If documents are not submitted in time, or if the outcome of the admission process is that documents do not comply with admission requirements, the study place offer will be withdrawn.

For non-scholarship holders: The application period for participation in TISE as a non-scholarship holder is approximately open to June in the year of student intake (and will be officially announced on this website). If you wish to apply as a non-scholarship holder but encounter problems to gather all documents until the application deadline, please contact TISE Secretariat. Depending on the time when you receive certain documents, a late submission might be possible.

All eligible applications to TISE will be reviewed by members of the TISE Consortium.

Every application will be assessed according to the following review criteria:

Criterion 1: Academic quality: refers to the results and the performance from all previous university studies.

Criterion 2: Motivation and Justification: refers to the applicant’s motivation to participate in TISE program.

Criterion 3: Personal Skills: refers to the applicant’s personal skills, such as communication skills, team work and social skills.

Criterion 4: Analytical and basic systemic understanding: relates to applicant’s abilities to develop a consequent and logically structured storyline according to a chosen topic reflecting on specific societal challenges.

The scores from the review will form a ranked list of applications which will be used for student selection by the TISE Admission Board. In case that two or more applications on this ranked list show the same score, the preference might be given to a candidate based on gender or regional considerations.

TISE only accepts electronic applications submitted through our TISE application database:

TISE Appeals form