Other Funding Opportunities

Consortium Scholarships

We are happy to announce that for student intake 2022, TISE Consortium will grant four additional scholarships for self-funded students. With these scholarships TISE Consortium aims to support excellent applicants who could not apply or didn’t get an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.In particular, out of four offered scholarships, there are two full scholarships that are worth 13 500 Euro each and will allow to fully cover participation costs for TISE program. In addition there are also two half scholarships that are worth 6 750 Euro each and will allow to reduce the participation costs of TISE program by 50%.

Note: In any case the Consortium Scholarships do not cover travel and accommodation costs.

Please inquire about the Consortium Scholarship details with the TISE Joint Secretariat tise@donau-uni.ac.at.

Erasmus+ Student Mobility

Non-scholarship holders in TISE can apply for Erasmus+ mobility funding for some of the planned mobility activities within Erasmus Programme Countries. Mobility funding does not cover participation costs (incl. tution fee), but consists of financial grants for travel and subsistence costs between €380 and €580/per month depending on the destination and mobility type.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Service Center for International Relations at Danube University Krems: international@donau-uni.ac.at