Course and Mobility Scheme

Student Mobility Scheme

The TISE program has a clear and simple, yet effective mobility scheme, which corresponds to the needs of the curriculum:

  • The 1st semester, including commencement weeks will be held at UNL (Portugal).

At UNL the focus is on Socio Cultural Studies in particular on the impact of technology and transition on society, culture and the individual (“Culture and Transition“). During this period, students also are familiarized with a solid approach in social studies of science and innovation studies, sources and indicators, and thus providing the essential tools for an integrated approach to the social impact of science and innovation.

  • The 2nd semester will be held in at UCD (Ireland).

In the second semester students move to Ireland to UCD, for their the social science focus (“Ethics and Information Systems”) to deal with on Human Technology Interactions, information and ethical issues as well as social science research methodologies.

  • The 3rd Semester will be held in PUEB (Poland).

During the third semester students will focus on the “Transitions in Economics”. Within this period students face the challenges of economic transition, business automation, information management, and international entrepreneurship with the help of  business simulations, game based learning, adaptive and simulation-based learning, digital playful learning and edutainment as well as digital planning tools.

  • The 4th semester is taking place at DUK (Austria).

At DUK a thematic emphasis is on the dynamics of (social) systems in transition and their environments (socio-cultural, socio-technical & socio-economical systems) as well as cross-boundary communication in this multiplex environment, system models and simulations as well as strategies of transdisciplinary methods and processes (“Systems Science and Transdisciplinarity”). The main goal is to integrate the previously obtained knowledge under a complexity science umbrella.