Program Costs

Participation in the TISE Program is possible either:

  • With an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship of different categories (for holders from Erasmus+ Partner countries or Erasmus+ Program countries; (information here).
  • With a Consortium Scholarship (information here).
  • OR as a non-scholarship holder (i.e. self-paying student).

The participation costs (“tuition fees”) for the whole study period of four semesters are:

  • For non-scholarship holders: 13 500 Euro
  • For Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders: either 9 000 Euro (for Programme country applicants) or 13 500 Euro (for Partner country applicants). Please note: For holders of an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, all participation costs are covered by the scholarship!

What is included?

The participation costs include:

  • Participation in all classes offered within the TISE curriculum,
  • Support in administrative and organizational issues by the consortium partners,
  • Costs for enrollment at the consortium partner’s institutions,
  • All examinations,
  • Issuing of the final diploma.

For holders of an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, an emergency and accident insurance according to the minimum requirements of the Erasmus+ Program is also included.

What is not included?

The participation costs do not cover:

  • Travel costs from country of origin,
  • Travel costs because of the mobilities,
  • Travel documents (passport, visas),
  • Accommodation and living expenses,
  • All other costs (e.g. study books, stationery, photocopies, excursions etc.).

For these costs, holders of an Erasmus Mundus scholarship will receive contributions to travel, installation and subsistence costs (information here).

Estimation of Full Costs

For an estimation of the full costs for studying in TISE program (including participation costs, travel and subsistance costs, other costs), please see our information leaflet on estimated costs.

Please note that most figures in this information leaflet are estimates and are not guaranteed by TISEE program.

Funding opportunities

More funding opportunities (besides an Erasmus Mundus scholarship) can be found here.