About the European Program

The Master of Science in “Transition, Innovation and Sustainability Environments” (TISE) is a newly designed European program with the focus on sustainable and resilient societal, business and industry processes and structures. Through its strong transdisciplinary approach (i.e. a method guided by mutual learning processes between science and practice), students will gain a comprehensive understanding of relevant coupled human-nature-technology systems, positive and negative mechanisms and effects of transitional processes (including underlying obvious and hidden rebound effects), innovation patterns with relevant interventions potential. Using a hierarchical system perspective, the program encompasses the individual agents, teams, organizations, networks, and clusters, within regional, national and supranational systems, and ultimately global implications. Building on a Complexity Science fundament the program presents an inter and cross-disciplinary view of Socio Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, Economics, Technology and Design, but also integrating communities of practice and the tacit knowledge of practitioners in order to address “real-world” complex problems. The program promotes Transdiciplinarity as an innovative approach towards the challenges encountered by social systems today.